Tuesday 25 March 2014

Episode 1 - The Idea

" Let's talk about this tomorrow, when that stuff you're on, wears off " - was probably the first of the many comments, that I faintly remember hearing, when I told someone about my " big plan ", for the first time .

I'm Dom, a 28 year old bloke from good ol' 
Jaipur ( the Pink city #pink???really).

Neets and I had known each other for a long long time, before i popped the question and 
before we knew it, we were planning our Honeymoon. The day(s) picked for our wedding(s) was the 11th (& 12th) of Feb 2013 (2 religions = 2 weddings #simplelogic??? really). The honeymoon ( Like all nice people do) was to happen after that. 

Being the whack-job that i am , i suggested that we do a road trip, from Jaipur to Goa, Via Daman, for our honeymoon, and was met with the severest of criticism and ridicule from almost everyone that i know. I had never done more than 300 kms. at a stretch and to expect a better reaction, given that the entire trip was a definite 4 to 5 thousand kms. , would have been overambitious. It ultimately had to be stalled, post the final verdict by my Father in Law, who in words mentioned, how outrageously stupid the entire plan was.

Things went by and exactly a year after we successfully stayed married , I got the opportunity to avenge my lost pride. Just out of vengeance I announced out of the blues, that I intended to gift my wife, a wedding cum birthday ( hers - a day after our anniversary) cum Valentines day, super gift - A 16 day road trip - Jaipur to Goa via Daman .

There were still people who thought that i had completely lost it and was definitely doing some super drug that hampered rational thinking, but once married, I didn't really care.

I was leaving for my big trip, with or without their blessings, on the 8th of Feb 2014, from Jaipur, and had figured out a basic travel plan, with loads of help from Google , Google Maps , Lonely Planet , uncle Hilton, my Milkman's son, and basically anyone who was ready to speak to me about the same.  

This is the well researched plan that I confidently, eventually went ahead with (#hahaha).

1. Drive 440 kms to Udaipur - Spend the night at Lake Pichola - 8th Feb 2014 - Day 1
2. Start early - Have lunch at Gujrat - Stay the night at Daman - after some 550 + kms - Day 2
3. Start early - Explore Daman - Check ferry to Diu - Check other nearby places - Day 3
4. Travel along the Coastal Highway - Stop at Dahanu or any other beach town - Day 4

5. Reach Mumbai - Pick Jessica(sister) and her husband - Leave for Goa - Day 5

6. Stop at Malwan(some place in Maharashtra) - Check the SCUBA scene - Do it if alright 

7. Reach Goa - Check for new/better beaches - do the usual tourist thing(Booze) - Day 6,7,8
8. See Jessy off - Start for Pune - Stay the night at Pune - Day 9
9. Start early for Sangamner(some place in Maharashtra) - Meet Neets family there - Day 10
10. Attend Neets's cousin's engagement - check the place out if possible - Day 11
11. Attend the wedding - enquire about the safety and condition of the road to Indore - Day 12
12. Start early - Reach Indore - Eat awesome food - Stay the Night - Day 13
14. Start early - Eat some more awesome food - Visit Ujjain/Head for Jaipur - Day 14
15. Reach Jaipur via Kota/Ratlam - latest by - Day 16

The idea was to not travel at night, and to, (as much as possible and feasible) explore the unknown.

Now!! however vague this plan seems to be , I swear !! we did manage to get most of the stuff done, without breaking a sweat. Stuff like, 'Start Early' ' To not travel at night', obviously never happened. 

We definitely got more than what we set out for.We saw some virgin unimaginably breathtakingly beautiful places, met some super nice totally cool people ( a few not-so-nice peeps too) and came back as better and more exposed individuals.   

Stay tuned for the entire story - - - I'll post it in different chapters , fairly soon(hahaha)